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 Breaking News!!!!!!

The Guild for Dragon Storm Website is moving!! The new website will be at . . .


I will maintain this website for about a week before taking it down. The new site will be much easier to maintain and update. So, I will be updating it more often. :-)

Here you will find the center of the Dragon Storm Universe, and by that I mean this is where Dragon Storm 2.0 is produced and promoted. We have an online store where Dragon Storm cards may be purchased. Both DS 2.0 and Classic DS are available, although the supply of Classic dwindles day by day. That is why Mark and Susan created DS 2.0 in the first place. So, you can still "get your storm on" or "embrace the chaos", as you desire. ;-)

Becoming a Guild member is easy and free. Just head over to the Membership link and fill out a form. It's that simple. Your playable Guild Membership card will arrive in just a few days. Should you already be a member, you might consider becoming a Guild Warden. Wardens are the backbone of the DS Universe. They make it possible for the rest of us to play, so we desperately need them. Becoming a Guild Warden is just as easy. A simple application with a reference or two, and poof, you're a Guild Warden. And . . . that card is playable, too!

Origins 2016 - June 15-19, 2016 - Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH

Our next scheduled convention is Origins 2016 in Columbus, OH. Although we will not have a booth in the Dealer's Hall (way too expensive), we done have a variety of games scheduled in the pre-reg book, as well as demo games for anyone new who wants to get into Dragon Storm. We are an official Club with GAMA for Origins.

Here is the code: GfDS16HfT

If you are a Guild Member, you can use the code for a 1/2 price admission to Origins. That's a huge perk and saving in itself, and all for free! How can you pass that up???

Special Note: You must be a current, card-carrying member of The Guild to use the code; and, you must register with the same email that is on file with The Guild. If you don't, you may be denied use of the code.

Check out the Guild News Link for lots of new stuff coming down the pike. It is a very exciting time in Dragon Storm. Check it out and see! :-)

Newsletters are Back! Check out the Guild News page for the link.

Visit the Blog and comment. See it here. Ann Gray is administering it, so go bother her. ;-)