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You have found the home of The Guild for Dragon Storm.

We hope to bring here most of what was on the Dragon Storm website here. It is a daunting task. The original sites are now owned by others, but I hope to acquire either the .com or .org site soon. Please be patient with us while we are under construction. If links to the left do not work, the associated pages have not yet been uploaded. We appreciate your indulgence and apologize for any inconvenience.

July is here. July is Production Month!

Now that I've cleared everything else off my plate, I am in full production on new sets. Currently, I am finalizing the following sets:

Set 260 - Werecat Basic, Set 270 - Griffon Basic, Set 280 - Wererat Basic, Set 290 - Phoenix Basic, Set 314 - Street Smarts, Set 315 - Philospher, Set 316 - Aristocrat, Set 317 - Thievery, Set 411 - Item: Armor 1, Set 412 - Shifter Brooches

I'm also working on another Universal set to include some of the necessary cards that seem to have been missed so far. I will have all of these sets, and possibly more, available by the end of the month.

Visit the Blog and comment. See it here. Ann Gray is administering it, so go bother her. ;-)